Game Time Requests Policy

1. All game time requests must submitted in writing via email by team manager. 2. Game time requests are NOT guaranteed (even though we try to accommodate whenever we possibly can). 3. Game time requests are granted to those teams that are paid first and in the order they are recieved from paid teams. 4. Out of state or out of area teams are given priority for later game times requests in order to give those teams time to get to the tournament site. 5. Game time requests pertain only to the first day of the tournament event. 6. Game time requests must be submitted 7 days prior to start of tournament play and will not be considered if submitted during the week of the start of the event. (Ex: If tournament play begins on a Saturday, game time requests are not accepted after Sunday 12:01am) 7. Once brackets are posted game time requests are strickly prohibited and any change in any brackets will only be made in the case of tournament director error. 8. Unfortunately we cannot schedule around other sports (such as football, soccer, basketball, etc.) as it creates limitations on how we can best schedule our Tx Elite event which may cause hardship to some of the other teams participating in any respective Tx Elite event.

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